One year in core

A year ago today was the first time that one of my patches was accepted into WordPress core. Just a few days after submitting my first patch and opening my first ticket.

Changeset 14057

In the past twelve months I have submitted hundreds of other patches and been involved with a few other projects outside of the core. I have also helped it with, if not been one of the causes of, the past four security releases — sorry folks.

It has been truly amazing to be involved with the community and to know that I have helped make software that is used by millions daily. It is also the first time that I can honestly say that I was glad to have had revision to do. In trying to procrastinate and put off doing said revision I decided to contribute to an open source project. I chose WordPress.

My goals for the second year? Firstly to be more involved with the WordPress community; for starters I need to attend my first WordCamp as I feel that I have really missed out on that front so far. Second, to help get more people contributing to the project. This is currently taking the form of being a GSoC mentor this year. Last, and definitely not least, to continue contributing as much as I can to WordPress. This means many, many more patches as well as finding the time to work more on the WordPress API reference.

This entry was posted on 10 April 2011.